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Art Lessons 


Hello, my name is Eric Heywood, and I am an artist who loves creating and teaching art!  I graduated from a Russian Art Academy, and studied in Florence and Rome. We live in Alpine, Utah where I divide my time between family, painting, teaching at American Heritage School, and Private Lessons.

I teach Lessons to all ages!  These are conducted in the peace of your own home.  Topics depend on your interests and artistic pursuits.  I teach painting, drawing, art materials & techniques, art history, art theory, landscape, still-life, portraiture, human anatomy, and more. 


If you have a young artist we can have general art lessons or focus on any topic! 

Send me an email or Instagram message and we can make a plan!

If you want to learn more about art yourself, we can focus on a certain skill, topic, subject, art form, or even a progressive classical regimen!  It's up to you!

Private Lessons are $45 an hour.  I provide all supplies.

First Lesson is a FREE Trial Lesson.

Available times are listed on the calendar below.

***Group Lessons and Workshops are coming soon!***

Using a mobile device? Click on a date for available times.


Send me a message and let's set up a free trial lesson!

                                               -Eric Heywood

Message sent!

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