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Students taking private lessons will move through the practices found below, following the Russian Academic methodology.  This method is a progressive and intuitive approach to art training, each practice building on the next.  Within this curriculum students begin or revisit the fundamentals and can move through at their own pace as concepts and ideas are grasped.  During an initial consultation and planning session, exercises can be signed off based on an artist's prior experience, training, or ability.  

Each day students receive 3 hours of instruction & critique, and the remainder of their day they have access to the studio to complete projects & assignments.  Storage space is provided for each student for their supplies and works.  Students are also free to join any course, workshop, or model session on their days of study, with instruction, at no additional cost.

If an artist does not wish to follow the curriculum below, individual courses on any of the methods and practices can be requested.  Please email with any questions.

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